SYS 633 Mission and System Design Verification and Validation

This unique course gives students a hands-on opportunity to apply key principles of space systems engineering. In part 1 of the course, students are given a set of customer expectations in the form of broad mission objectives. Using state-of- the-industry mission design and analysis tools (provided), the task is to apply systems engineering process to define top- level system requirements and design key elements of the system. The end result will be a system design review during which students present and defend their design decisions. In part 2 of the course, students experience system realization processes first-hand by integrating, verifying, validating and delivering the shoe box-sized EyasSAT educational satellite. Lecture is combined with hands-on experience. From the part-level to the system level, students will implement a rigorous assembly, integration, verification and validation plan on real hardware and software applying "test like you fly, fly like you test" principles.




SYS 635


Systems Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Summer Semester