TG 501 Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers and Scientists

Aspects of entrepreneurship and business most relevant for technical people and the practice of Technogenesis. Investigates business-related considerations in successfully commercializing new technology. Exposes technologists to five critical aspects of creating a successful new venture and/or a successful product or service business within an existing enterprise: (1) market and customer analysis, (2) beating the competition, (3) planning and managing for profitability, (4) high-tech marketing and sales, and (5) business partnerships and acquisitions. Students should take this course if they: (1) desire to maximize their effectiveness as technologists by understanding the business and customer considerations that impact the work of technologists, (2) intend to lead or participate in a technology-based new venture/start-up, or (3) contemplate an eventual transition from a technical to a business management career. It is intended for either advanced undergraduate (junior or senior) or graduate students in engineering or science curricula.




Graduate Student or At Least Junior


School of Engineering and Science

Typically Offered Periods

Spring Semester