Grade Scale

The grading schemes for courses that earn graduate credit are as follows: 

A (4.00)
A- (3.67)
B+ (3.33)
B (3.00)
B- (2.67)
C+ (2.33)
C (2.00)
F (0.00)

The lowest passing grade for graduate level courses is a C. Credit cannot be granted for courses that are taken with a Pass/Fail graded basis.

The following grades are given under the specified conditions:




AUD (Audit) is given to a student who registers to audit a course, but does not receive a terminal grade or credit. Additional details how to register to audit a course can be found on this page of the Academic Catalog.


INC (Incomplete) is given to a student who has attended at least 10 class sessions, is in good academic standing in the course, and has completed all of the course requirements prior to requesting an Incomplete. Additional details on how to request an incomplete can be found on this page of the Academic Catalog.


S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) is used as an interim grade for Special Problems courses, Master’s Thesis, Engineering Projects, and Doctoral Dissertation.


NG (No Grade) is a temporary notation issued to students by the Office of the Registrar if a grade has not been entered on the grade sheet for the student. Students cannot graduate with an NG on their record.