Special Grades

The following grades are given under the specified conditions:

“AUD” - audit A student who registers to audit a course, pays the full fee, but does not receive a terminal grade or credit.
“INC” - incomplete
Indicates that the student, in close communication with their instructor, was approved to file an Incomplete. This request must be done via Workday Student, no later than the last regular class meeting. Students must work with their instructor to agree upon a date by which the course material will be completed. 
Generally, an Incomplete is granted to a person having been in the class for at least 10 class sessions, who is in good academic standing in the course, and has completed all the course requirements due within that time period.
This grade is given at the discretion of the instructor.
The incomplete must be made up within one year unless an extension is granted by the Office of Graduate Academics & Student Success.
“S/U” - satisfactory/unsatisfactory Indicate satisfactory or unsatisfactory respectively and are in progress grades, used as an interim grade for special problems courses, master’s theses, engineer projects and doctoral dissertation.
“NG” - no grade It is a temporary notation issued to students by the Office of the Registrar in the following situation:
a grade has not been entered on the grade roster for a student
“INC”, or “ABS” has been entered on a grade roster, but no petition has been filed or approved.
“W” – withdrawal
WN - You are administratively withdrawn from the class if your instructor indicates that you have Never Attended.
WU - You are administratively withdrawn from the class if your instructor indicates that you have attended at least once, stopped attending and have not officially withdrawn from the course with a “W” grade.
Students are automatically approved to withdraw from a class if it is before the end of the tenth class session. After the tenth class session, students need the permission of the instructor and Graduate Academics & Student Success to withdraw from a course.
A “W” will appear on your transcript but does not affect your GPA.