Bachelor of Science Degrees

The science departments—Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences and Physics—provide exciting, top-quality programs for undergraduates at Stevens. The quality of our programs derives from the quality of our world- class faculty. Undergraduate students are a welcomed part of our community. They are afforded ready access to faculty and to ongoing research activities on campus and off campus, and, as they pursue their studies, undergraduates are encouraged to participate in research and innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

The science curricula at Stevens emphasize project-based learning, encourage and reward independent study and scientific initiative, offer expanded research opportunities for undergraduates, and promote the undergraduate thesis as a capstone for a student’s course of study. These elements of the curriculum are intended to enhance the undergraduate experience of the student with a serious interest in studying the natural sciences or computer science.

The undergraduate programs are separated into two categories of curricula. The programs in chemistry, biology & chemical biology, mathematical sciences, and physics follow the Bachelor of Science in natural science curricula. The Department of Computer Science has developed distinct curricula for each of two undergraduate programs: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity.

To learn more about each of these programs and view program requirements click on the links below: