Student Health Services

Student Health Services is an acute care facility located in the Student Wellness Center offering services and care for Stevens students. The goal of the Student Health Center is to improve and maintain physical wellness and productivity. The services are free and include health promotion and disease prevention, care during acute and chronic phases of illness, and referrals to outside providers when appropriate. Student Health Services staff members recognize the basic human rights of all patients who seek treatment and all students are treated with respect, consideration, and confidentiality.

Student Health Services is staffed by a full-time registered nurse and clinicians. Please visit Student Health Services website for information about clinical hours at: During off-hours, please contact Campus Police at 201-216-3911 for a medical emergency. Students needing emergency medical attention will be transported to the local hospital via ambulance. Charges for healthcare services performed outside of Student Health Services are the individual student’s responsibility.

All enrolled Stevens students are required (by NJ state law) to provide a Student Health and Immunization Record to Student Health Services. Failure to provide immunization documentation can result in a Registrar’s hold being placed on a student account. This will halt the enrollment process until immunization compliance is satisfied. For additional information and answers to specific questions, please contact Student Health Services at 201-216-5678.