Courses for Pinnacle Scholars

PIN 183

Pinnacle seminars are year-long learning communities that expose Scholars to different subjects that enhance their undergraduate experience. Learning community themes may include:  Sustainability and the Environment; Bio-Innovation, Medicine, and Health; Technology, Science, and Society; Technology and Global Security; Business Psychology and Leadership. Seminar topics are designed to promote an interest in research, entrepreneurial and innovative project development.  Additionally, Scholars will learn about the opportunities available to them through the Pinnacle program, including summer research and international program participation.  PIN 183 is a fall-only course for Pinnacle freshmen only.

PIN 184

This seminar will continue to explore content specific to the Pinnacle Scholar Learning Community themes. In addition, the course covers topics that will aid Pinnacle Scholars in selecting a summer engagement opportunity; in particular, students will learn how to prepare research proposals and review the process for selecting an international experience. PIN 184 is a spring-only course for Pinnacle freshmen only.

Subject Seminars

Scholars must also take a one-credit subject seminar in each semester of their first year (two in total).  Subject seminars are graded on a pass/fail basis. Scholars may take the same subject seminar twice, but not three times. Pinnacle Scholars may take a third subject seminar any time before graduation; collectively, the three subject seminars will fulfill a three-credit general elective requirement. The subject seminar options are:

BT 181: Seminar in Business
PEP 187: Seminar in Physics
EE 181/CPE 181: Seminar in Electrical/Computer Engineering
MA 188: Seminar in Math Sciences
ME 181: Seminar in Mechanical Engineering
CS 188: Seminar in Computer Science
CH 189: Seminar in Chemistry and Biology (required for, and only open to, Chemistry, Biology, and Chemical Biology majors)
Pinnacle Scholars will receive priority registration during their first semester only.