ACC 555 Retirement and Estate Planning

This course introduces students to the principles of retirement and estate planning as well as current issues in these areas. The course is designed to enable students to understand and be conversant with the basic language of retirement and estate planning, and to understand the pertinent provisions of the US Internal Revenue Code related to these topics. The course focuses on training an individuals ability to use this information for making both short-term and long-term planning decisions. The course progresses at a rapid pace and requires students to prepare regularly for each class session instead of waiting until the exams. Topics include retirement planning tools, techniques and plans, estate and gift tax calculation and compliance, estate planning tools and techniques (both pre and post death), probate and non-testamentary disposition of assets, the use and purpose of trusts, family gifting strategies, estate liquidity, business succession planning, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and retirement plan distributions.



Cross Listed Courses

FIN 555


Graduate Student or At Least Junior


School of Business