BME 342 Transport in Biological Systems

A study of momentum, mass and heat transport in living systems. Rheology of blood. Basic hemodynamics. Use of the equations of continuity and motion to set up complex flow problems. Flow within distensible tubes. Shear stress and endothelial cell function. Mass transfer and metabolism in organs and tissues. Microscopic and macroscopic mass balances. Diffusion. Blood-tissue transport of solutes in the microcirculation. Compartmental models for pharmacokinetic analyses. Analysis of blood oxygenators, hemodialysis, tissue growth in porous support materials. Artificial organs. Energy balances and the use of heat to treat tumor growth (radio frequency ablation, cryogenic ablation). Laboratory exercises accompany major topics discussed in class and are conducted at the same time.




MA 227 and CoReq BME 306


Biomedical Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Spring Semester