BME 515 Natural Polymers in Medicine

Natural polymers have shown tremendous potential in biomedical engineering applications over the past decades. With their exceptional properties, unique versatility, and biocompatibility, these polymers have been extensively used in tissue engineering, cardiovascular grafts, orthopedic grafts, dermatological dressing and grafts and drug delivery. In this course, we will introduce various types of natural polymers used in medicine, which will include: polysaccharides, polyesters, proteins/ polypeptides, DNA, and RNA. In each category, we will explore the synthesis/extraction, chemical composition, properties, characterization techniques, processing methods and current medical applications. Limitations such as sustainability, FDA regulations, cost and performance will also be discussed. Students will be exposed to the future potential of these materials through extensive literature reviews, databases and assignments using simulation software. The semester will conclude with project at the end of the semester.




Graduate Student or At Least Junior


Biomedical Engineering Program