HAR 490 Internship in Art and Technology

An internship is a short-term work experience that emphasizes learning. It is an essential way to try out a career, develop new skills, combine academic theory with "hands-on" experience, and build up a resume. This is an independent and individually-initiated program of work arranged between the student and an institution, organization, or business. Internship requires a plan (prepared with the job supervisor) to be presented to the Internship faculty sponsor, per approval, in the Program in Art & Technology, outlining the scope of work before starting the internship. It is expected that Internship will run approximately 8 to 12 hours per week for 14 weeks (or 112 to 168 hours per academic session) per 3 credits. A scheduled bi-weekly meeting with a group to discuss internships and career interests is expected. The student’s internship performance will be evaluated by the following: a) a weekly journal describing the student’s involvement in various activities and projects; b) an approximately five-page reflective essay in which the student integrates prior coursework with the internship experience (a theory and practice exercise); c) a basic report indicating the extent to which scope of work was accomplished; d) attendance and participation in group meetings; e) a written evaluation from the student’s supervisor; f) a portfolio of work accomplished during the internship, if appropriate. Does not fulfill general humanities requirements; may be taken as a free elective.




Need Permission - Undergraduate DEAN 498


Visual Arts and Technology Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Session 2