ME 632 Advanced Vibrations of Structures

This course covers modern analytical and computational methods for deriving the equations of motion, generating reduced-order models, and predicting the dynamic response and stability of engineering structural systems. Topics include: energy formulation for nonconservative gyroscopic systems; eigenvalue and boundary value problems; spectral methods for free and forced vibration response and stability: modal analysis, Ritz, and Galerkin; variational methods of approximation: global and local (finite element) discretization and reduced-order models; component mode synthesis of structural assemblies; dynamics of rotating beams and shafts; dynamics of constrained structures with friction dampers and unilateral contact. The course includes case studies from aerospace and automotive industries and makes use of software such as MATLAB for modal analysis, reduced-order model generation, and structural response simulation.



Cross Listed Courses

CE 632


ME 631 or equivalent. Must have exposure to graduate-level vibrations concepts.


Mechanical Engineering Program