PEP 558 Quantum Networking and Security

This course is a "gentle introduction" to quantum Networking and quantum security. Quantum networking uses quantum computing and this course will start with the review of quantum computing fundamentals. It will concentrate on quantum networking, teleportation, and Quantum TCP/IP protocols that facilitates fast and secure transmission of information in the form of quantum bits, also called qubits, between physically separated quantum nodes (processors). It presents the concepts and workings of quantum networking systems in a way that does not require students to have knowledge beyond the senior level in a typical degree program in computer science, electrical engineering, or physics. More specifically, Quantum teleportation (Quantum Internet) that uniquely uses quantum phenomena, like superposition, no-cloning, entanglement, entanglement distribution that are not available to classical networks, will be examined.

Cross Listed Courses

CS 518


Computer Science Program Department of Physics

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester