Recommended Courses

Typically, the following courses are recommended for students who are interested in applying to medical or dental school. These courses usually satisfy the admissions requirements to accredited U.S. medical and dental schools. These courses will also help the student prepare for the MCAT which was revised in 2015 and has a significant emphasis on psychology, sociology and biochemistry.

Subject Requirement Stevens Course Offerings
Chemistry 2 years with lab CH 115, CH 116, CH 117, CH 118
CH 243, CH 244, CH 245, CH 246
Biology 8 credits with lab BIO 291 and BIO 382 OR BME 502 AND BME 512.
*Note: BIO 181 is a pre-requisite for BIO 291, BIO 382, and both BME 502 AND BME 512.
Physics 8 credits with lab PEP 111, PEP 112, PEP 221, PEP 222
Mathematics 8 credits MA 121, MA 122, MA 125, MA 126
Humanities 8 credits CAL 103, CAL 105 
*Note: choosing humanities with strong writing and reading components can improve writing, critical analysis, and reasoning skills for MCAT.
Biochemistry 3 credits CH 580
Psychology 3 credits HSS 175
Sociology 3 credits HSS 141
Statistics 3 credits MA 222 or BT 221 or ENGR 241
Ethics 3 credits BME 452 or HPL 457
Others Recommended
Molecular Genetics (BIO 484), Immunology ( BIO 586), Physiology (BIO 583), Biological Psychology (HSS 331), Biochemistry II (CH 581), Microbiology (BIO 392).

Please Note: Most U.S. medical and dental schools will NOT accept AP courses from high school, courses taken abroad, or courses taken at community colleges to satisfy the basic chemistry, biology, physics, math, and English courses.

It is strongly recommended that you check the admission requirements with the medical, dental or pre-health professional school you are interested in applying to.

For additional information about the pre-health professions program and to let the HPAC committee know you are interested in the health professions, please e-mail: